New Big Hero 6 trailer.

Opening November 7th in North America


"We absolutely cannot avoid getting into contact with the Factor X virus. It can get through any existing material: concrete, aluminium, metal…poutine."

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'Bang Bang' 

written by Julien Bisaro and Claire Paoletti
directed by Julien Bisaro
a Caïmans Productions and Arte France coproduction 
produced by Jérôme Barthélemy and Daniel Sauvage
voices : Andréa Brusque, Féodor Atkine and Éric Herson-Macarel
music by Jean-Christophe Onno

French, with German subtitles. Beautiful looking short film.


Because deadlines.

(Cleopatra has made a wager to build a palace for Cesar)

Cesar : “Rome wasn’t built in one day. When will I see this wonder? In 300 years?”

Cleopatra: “In 3 months.”

Cesar: ” 3 months?”

Servants: ” 3 months??”

Servant: ” 3…”

Cat: “Maownth?”


rrrtaz3 said: You have VERY quickly become my favorite artist on tumblr, and a huge inspiration! Do you think you'll ever draw adult Sokka and Toph hanging out? Their friendship was so cute.


Thank you!!   Decided to draw some- I honestly don’t really have a good idea of what their relationship would be like as adults!  I think I like them as close friends that don’t see each other as much as they’d like due to other responsibilities, but Sokka’d be as much the fun uncle with Toph’s kids as he was with Katara’s, and they prob did the do once or twice but nothing serious came of it.

I could see several possibilities with them!  No matter what though, I think Toph would be quite sad when he moved back to the SWT.      



Heart fuzzies

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Translation :

Brad : This virus which I named “X Factor” is held inside ions which, as you know, are molecules. We are dealing here with the most powerful ion known, in the scientific language, as the “Ion King”.

Everyone else : Hakuna Matata

Science meets Disney (in the world of a Galaxy Near You)

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I posted a couple of new comic pages on the web site this weekend.  

Lackadaisy Crossroads
Lackadaisy Voodooienne

It’s not much, and I’m sorry about that.  To those who’ve been asking if the comic is dead - no, surely not.  Life has been mostly work and sleep for the past while, though, with depressingly little space for comics.

More beautiful pages. They were worth the wait. Go, read now! 


After makani posted her spirit possessed Azula ( , I just had to draw her.

Then Zhao arrived.



more of my post spirit-possession azula.  she is basically a crazy old lobotomized woman who lives in the woods as an eventually willing servant of a talking cat that only she can hear.  

literally all started as a really roundabout way of getting azula/zhao lmao. ended up doing a bunch of exposition dump with zuko??

More spirit-possessed Azula. Me happy!

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(Meanwhile, on planet OVegas…)

Captain: This is insane!

I refuse this bet!

*fail fliptable*

Flavien: Captain, it’s screwed down to the floor.

( let me celebrate having managed to find the missing DVDs of the serie! Wooo! )

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