Very very tiny Korra preview, from 0:19 to 0:31, and a quick still shot of Amon at 1:01.

What is interesting is that they’ve used mostly background shots ( BG designs, since there are no characters in the city shots??), and the other shots look like they are from an animatic: the bg characters are simplified and there are construction- volume lines on Korra.

For those who are unfamiliar with animatics, it is the storyboards that are digitized and edited with the voices, to make sure the timing and cuts are right before being sent to animation. Temp sound fx and music can also be added, but won’t be used for the final mix.

All I can say is solid drawings in these boards! I *love* seeing animatic and the rough energy in the drawings. If it is that solid at the boards level, the animation will kick @$$. They also took the time to add colours, which is really not always necessary for storyboards, but definitely can help sell a scene better.