On occasion, I get to keep my cake and eat it too.

[OOC Note:] I guess you could consider this to be continuation for this:
More of a combined answer, part from the raffle prompts, for who had asked what would happen if a little girl could see Pitch and hugged him, and for someone who asked for manipulative blackice (but I don’t remember who you were as that reblog has been deleted and this ended up being a lot more cheery than I originally expected and I just don’t know how to do proper shipping stuff, sorry) and for who had asked about Pitch’s reaction if he were to ruin a kid’s life with nightmares or cause them to kill themselves.

Considering he was ready to kill Jamie in the movie, doesn’t really remember anything of his past and does a lot of stuff in the books (the fact that he doesn’t kill many is not because of his lack of trying after all), I’d say that he really wouldn’t care much. It’s not something he’d get pleasure from or set out to do deliberately, but aside the fact that he can’t risk losing more belief it’s not something that I could see him get much guilt from.
He’s kind of a not good person.