Animated movies of 2013 released in North America

Here’s the line-up I managed to find so far for this year. I hope I haven’t forgotten any. There may be a few other movies from other countries that may get limited releases, like Monster In Paris or Rabbi’s Cat last year.

Not all movie posters are final and some don’t have posters yet.

FEB 14th- Escape From Planet Earth (Rainmaker)

March 15th (limited release, wider release on March 29th) From Up On Poppy Hill (Ghibli)

March 22- Croods (Dreamworks)

May 24th- Epic (Blue Sky)

June 21st- Monster University (Pixar)

July 3- Despicable Me 2 (Illumination)

July 19- Turbo (Dreamworks) 

August 4- Planes (this one is a bit of a surprise, as I thought it was only a DVD release) (Disney- Pixar)

Sept 27- Cloudy 2 (Sony)

November 1- Peabody and Sherman (Dreamworks)

November 27- Frozen (Disney)

(Edit- Mea Culpa- I wrote 2014 instead of 2013. My brain is one year in the future)