Various board excerpts - unused moments.

I wanted to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported the film! I hope you enjoy these few panels as a gift. Thank you!!

These are not always sequential, some panels are missing. It shows a glimpse of the long process.

As Dave Derrick and Shane Prigmore mentioned on their blogs, it is rare that the first idea makes it through the final version. 

This sequence used to be longer and had different dynamics explored.

A) was the earliest, with a moment where both Pitch and Jack sat down and exchanged a few words.

B) evolved from A). I tried to keep the moment of both of them sitting side by side, but this time Jack was not willing to listen. After all, Pitch had just tricked him…

C) For the first time, the two got into an actual one on one fight. It was not much longer than the final version, but you’d be surprised what a few seconds more can do.

D) and E) were similar moments, but with completely different dialogues. 

In D) it is Jack who has a personal realisation.

In E) it is the version closest to the final, with Pitch letting down his defenses.