"North Pole globe" or ideas come from weird places sometimes.

I feel like I should put this moment in context. 

There had been a few versions of Pitch going to the North Pole: to attack it or to gloat about his impending victory over the Guardians. After a few different tries by various artists, the note that kept coming back was “he needs to celebrate, he thinks he has won.”

How do you do that, with a limited amount of screen time available and economically? After a bit of head scratching, this image popped into my head, since it also contained a globe.


That was a start for inspiration. 

If Pitch was in an elated mood, perhaps he would indeed go as far as do a few dance steps around. Nothing too big. What was needed was a few fun dance steps while interacting in an environment. Not all references worked: some dancers were too acrobatic. It needed something almost mundane. It took a few hours of research to find something that worked, and studying a sequence from Fred Astaire’s “Hat Rack” number.


Not the most recent references, but then again, Pitch is old and knows his classics, ha ha! ;)

It was a blast to draw. Pitch can dance.