"Myth Hunter (01)"

The beginning of another Young North story. This one is shaping up to be rather long, so it will be done in pieces. It will be different from the others. It will be just a fun, silly adventure.

And for some people who asked: this is a young version of North, inspired from Rise Of The Guardians. A North, way before he was a Guardian and with LOTS of growing up left to do!

This was inspired by a series of lecture on chinese art history. I just played around with it,

Credit where credit is due: thanks to Glenda Chao and her essay:

" Thing Theory" (2008). I quoted some of her text to explain what the ding vessels were about. I did try explaining it-writing it myself, but it was all garbled. Also thanks to Anne Birrel for the image of Emperor Qin trying to retrieve the ding vessel. I redrew it and modified it a bit.

To be continued…