I tend to not blog too much about crowd funding projects, but please allow me this little exception for these two made in Québec production ( I may also blame some homesickness).

The first one, “Le Gouffre”, is a short film by a dedicated trio of artist that have been working at it since 2012. They have reached their first goal of 5000$. Glad they got the support, I am looking forward to seeing it completed.


The second one is “Projet M” , a sci-fi story about a group of astronaut training in space for 1000 days; their goal to reach Jupiter’s moon Europe. But then one day, something happens on earth…

I admit, I’m curious about the premise. Here’s hoping that if-when it is available online, people outside of Canada will be able to watch it.

(crowd funding page in french only)


(I do count “Dans Une Galaxie Pres De Chez Vous” as a “Québec in space” series- ha!)